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The Best Charity!

Once a companion of the Prophet (saww) called Saad had gone to the battle field outside Medina. On the way, Saad heard that his mother who had been sick had died. Saad who loved his mother very much came to the Prophet (saww) and said that he had wanted to give charity on his mother's behalf but it had not been possible for him.

He then enquired if he could give charity on her behalf now that she was dead. The Prophet (saww) replied in the affirmative. Saad then went on to inquire what was the best charity he could offer? The Prophet (saww) said that on the route to the battle field he had seen that the soldiers were thirsty and there was a dire need of water.

The Prophet suggested that the best charity was to dig a well on the road so that caravans would benefit from the supply of water and it would also be a continuous form of charity for years to come. That was what Saad did. (AL MA'AAD BAINAL ROOH WAL JASAD, MUHAMMED TAQI FALSAFI VOL 2 PAGE 219)

60 Tumans Saved Me!

A scholar relates that he saw a friend of his in the dream, and when he asked his friend's condition after death, he was told that his condition had been bad were it not for some money given by his trustee on his behalf in the year of severe drought in Yazd.

On waking up, this scholar went to the deceased's trustee and asked him what he had done for the deceased during the drought in Yazd. The Trustee thought for a little while and on recalling said that he had been asked to help the people of Yazd who had been suffering from famine. In addition to his own money or charity he also took out some sixty tumans from the deceased's account and gave charity on the dead man's behalf.

Well he was surprised to understand that these sixty tumans were the ones which changed the destiny of the deceased's man after his death. (DAR AL SALAAM)


Hajj on Behalf of Dead is Also Charity!

One scholar relates that in the season of Hajj after completing the acts of worship he did Tawaf, going round the Kaaba seven times and prayed two units of prayers at Maqaame Ibrahim (A.S.) for another scholar.

When he went home, the same night he saw the scholar whom he had gifted the acts of worship, come in his dream and thank him for his kindness, a proof that these acts reach the dead. (AL AMWAAT YATAKALLAMOONA MA'ANA, SEYYID MUHAMMED RIZWI PAGE 27)

Once upon a time, 14 years ago

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