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English School for expatriates in Najaf-E-Ashraf, Iraq    PICTURES

Hauza – E - Ilmia With the regime change, Najaf - E – Ashraf, once again began attracting scholars from all over the world as the Hauza-E-Ilmia was revived. Currently, there are over 1000 students in the seminaries from the Urdu-speaking expat community (Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and other nations). These students, majority of whom are married, stay with their families for a average period of 15 years in Najaf.

The Howza student ( who is future alim of community) can only be comfortable if his child is getting educated as well & he does not have to be concerned for it So this is an important project for the future of the very Deen of Urdu speaking momins

 Problems faced by the Scholars as regards their children’s education. 

The most pressing concern of these students while their tenure in Najaf is the education of their own children. There are no suitable schools catering the needs of the expat community in Najaf. Hence, the children of the scholars remain uneducated, resulting in major assimilation problems in their home countries.  This has resulted in many negative consequences:

1.    Hauza scholars have started discontinuing their education and migrating back to their home countries.

2.    Some are staying without family and have to bear the additional burden of their families back home.

3.    Some scholars dedicate time to privately educate their own children and thus compromising on their own learning capacity.

 It, therefore, became imperative to establish an English medium school, based on internationally recognized curriculum in Najaf. This prompted a Pakistani scholar Sheikh Ahmed Hussain along with his associates to take an initiative in this direction. With meager resources, they founded the “Bab-Ul-Ilm Public School Trust” to establish Bab-Ul-Ilm Public School in 2008.  The key purpose for establishing the school was to cater to the children from non-Arabic-speaking communities, especially those of Indian and Pakistani origin.

Current Status June 2015:   ( click here for History Urdu)


-     The current strength of 190 children.  (103 males & 87females) make up class 1 – 6 in morning hours

-     The currently rented run down building 5 rooms (US$ 12,000 per annum) is insufficient to accommodate  students.

-     The classrooms lack basic furniture and are small, dark, without proper air ventilation .V Cold in winter & V Hot in summer

-     The school lacks sanitation facilities. (1 washroom for 190 students and 16 teachers)

-     Most of the teachers are the wives of Hauza students and hence are not trained.

-     The school lacks tools and training aids for teachers.

-     There is no play area for children or availability of toys. & this has been requested by 1 teacher

-     There is a single room that is used as common office and teachers room hence female teachers rarely use the facility due to hijab issue.

-     All the children are not able to even pay their monthly fee of US$ 10. and urgently need sponsors

-     The ‘Uswa Public School System from Pakistan has extended some support by sharing its curriculum.

-     School is yet to be registered with appropriate local Iraqi Educational Authorities and Pakistan Federal Educational Board.

Immediate future needs Oct- Dec 2015   

School expected to move its premises to 5 rooms  in a new building ( pics?)  constructed by Aga  Misbah, 8? kms away from shrine in Oct 2015?

Requires Transport facility  for students /teachers ( 200 persons) to & fro from near shrine to school & back can atba give?

Needs Desks /Chairs at new place as present no furniture in school ( see list of requirements here )  Immediate scaled down usd 25 k requirements

English speaking iraqi principal

Identificaton of teachers in pak ( uswa?)& Visas for expat teachers

However space is insufficient to have all classes may require retaining existing premises or combine with another girls school ( ummiul baneen runnig elsewhere br.Nasir Multan+ 964 7711478614)) or hire additional premises

Internet to be provided broadband for access to resources

Tablets( which are cheap now usd 100)  to be provided to all teachers with all text books( uswa can give soft copy?)  in pdf to all teachers ( Uswa /others to be requested to provide suitable resources for students/teachers to put on tablets)

Train teachers from west /US thru Web using broadband/ tablet provided

Subsequent provide tablets to students too

 Request India/pak zawar momineen to visit the school to bring awareness & help out when they can ..

 Forming a ‘Team ‘ of english speaking howza students who can devote some time to this school

inform others as it will help us to being awareness /attention to the needs - Click for draft documents made earlier Draft 1  , Draft 2  |   Urdu



Tel. No.

E-Mail ID

Shaikh Ahmed Hussain

+964 7704393272

+964 7700937840

Shk Mudabir

+964 7702723618


Fida Ali Shaikh Zada

+964 7708000613


Syed Ala Moosavi ( who represents Ayatullah Misbah from Mashad  in Najaf) is involved /aware & is also interested to help out


PHOTOS Draft documents made earlier Draft 1  , Draft 2  |   Urdu