Appeal for funding for girls madressa /howza in Mumbra Mumbai


Name of Institution /Trust Madressa Taleemul Quran (regd no E 2491 Thane)

Registration document

Address : Eliya center Near Kaus atalab ( photo of building & ownership pps) Kausa

Tel no :1111111111111


Trustees : 1 2 3 who ?

Principal Alim : Maulana sayed karamat husain jafery f+91 9224421778 

from Kashmir who has studied in qum howza for xx years iran


Bank k A/c  of trust .....

Selection procedure by???



Course followed ( click here for index)


Khums Ijaza ?copy


Established 13 years back in 2002

Till now 123 students completed their education and working in different part of india in islam n deen n teaching n reciting majalis in various states of India

More than 44 children are for education in Qom and mshd howza


At this time there are 52 girls and 6 teachers ( studied from xx)

6 teachers Are in hostel in same premises and with food


Girls with religious education worldly education is taught computer and sewing Tailoring n embroidery classes also

School provides breakfast daily


INR 80 thousand per month is the cost









Present source of income

Damani family


Najafi house

culture house 



Shortfall per month


Any Taloja role ?