Education For Indian Shia Community    Discussions Notes

Education is very important as emphasized by all incl Maraje for community  All those working for this cause can collaborate and share best practices, increase the reach /scope  and avoid duplication


Organisations/Teams need a transparent systems preferably automated to; give n collect applications verify and make appeals and ensure payment to school or college and very good reporting to donors .
Standard software even Tally can be used to get this done for all to use .

Forms  need standardization & redesign FORMS click here Forms are a means to the end.
There may be some obvious things we may question and want to change. But taking a holistic approach towards understanding objectives followed by entire process flow   .Expert must study not only the form but entire process and make recommendations towards entire process flow. Process review by an expert & recommendation of who can do is required  with estimated cost

Each Organization can have a common structured database of ;
Donors ,Aid Recipients , Institutions /Schools ;with the fields required in each database so collaboration and marketing and reporting is easy and automated

Aid Eligibility criteria can be determined and teams formed across india to validate the Aid request through a common form which can be collaboratively redesigned

It will be useful if all share the xl sheet or the database fields that they maintain with sample records .This would be from the Application form presumably .This will be important to consider a central database for benefit of all without compromise on confidentiality .It can be used to eliminate duplication ,develop reporting consolidating area or school /institution or location wise .Further it may give great confidence to donors of explained

MARKETING NEEDS Websites/Social media /Transparency & Good reporting to donors

We need to MARKET the need and credibility of institution/Process. Modern social media tools /whats app reach ,with images have to be used to make appeals

We need to recruit 2 young persons or an agency to market n do this. A good web presence preferably with access by donors to sponsored children info ,is also required.  .All this could be used for marketing for education appeals by all.

Samples of sites & marketing by other organisations at

We have the Reach of in our team to reach the Appeal Films /Education importance films,creatively made to ALL over India /world 
We have to be more donor centric. Eg. hiring a professional filmmaker to do a documentary on NH’s work will make the world realise what has been achieved from a small building in Dongri, Mumbai. It will surely pay-back 10x

Small but many donors as important to reach rather than only few big donors as per  example. More Resources can be raised with good social media marketing and transparency in reporting .Mobile apps by WF & LFTcan be seen donate with one click

Good Reporting & giving online access to info about particular children sponsored helps

Since some of these activities are continuing for decades or two plus, Is there any data consolidated or otherwise to create a Mktng tool depicting today's successful professionals supported by various trusts? Hope it's not a big ask. to collect all testimonials for marketing

Career guidance is very important and all to collaborate to make this available across diff places incl as done by win urdu program . Nazarali with broadcast facility or webcast could be used .WIN has a program dedicated to this called Kamyabi ke raste .Professionals willing to give time can be identified to participate in sessions

It may be better to teach skills/ trades ( Technician Repairing Welding etc) rather than usual Bcom & BA degrees

Higher education & Identification of Talent is priority for some .Though amount required is higher per case it has to be catered as that can help change cycle of poverty and the amount was also returned upon qualifying

Trust which also supports coaching classes fees to prepare for medical, engg, civil services, or MBA etc needed

Most of the financial support for education is *reactive* in nature, when somebody approaches. Is there any *proactive* process of identification of talent.
we can have a process /criteria for all to log that talent identified with a central place for making appeals & seeking resources to nurture it

Volunteering/ Collaborating /Teams /Young People

Encourage Volunteering* People join forces if welcomed with open arms and shown how much good work is being undertaken. The community has fostered professionals and they are all out there waiting for a call

Education is also BIG business and can be self funding. So only 'Aid ' mindset to be changed

Empowered Young Teams can run the process under auspices of Reputed Organisations can bring results


The exponentially growing use of internet n mobiles  has made it possible to reach education options to all at low or no costs .Physical presence n buildings are no longer constraints
Awareness n enablers to be explored.
Most universities now offer online courses at low costs ,which can benefit many if aware & supported 
Present practical possibilities can be researched keeping community situation in view

See for india Govt website to be studied & students guided esp in remote areas

Khan academy & many online open universities  are examples

We have many Imambargah (& associated properties)across india ,Many of them are not used in daytime Can they become virtual classrooms for some basic level based on those conducted say in Jafari school ?In case teachers available ,even physical class rooms .However no compromise on use for Azadari the original purpose

Home schooling is an option not to be ignored too

we can have good grass-root approach - use makeshift classrooms, the approach to get something moving

We need to address the needs of Towns Villages & beyond Mumbai attitude

India is huge and many momineen live in 100's of towns n villages too.

Only and Tanzeem in Lucknow (1000 madressas?)   have some "All India" reach to use

We also know that there would be many children not attending school due to financial reasons of pressure to earn ,or inability to pay fees .This could be especially true for the girl child

The Process for this Education Aid starts when the form is received.
There would be many unaware of the Aid possibility or are unable to do form filling and info providing
This requires an intermediary an elder in each town to be a identified as representative who will identify such cases proactively .
Can we have such a network or database built possibly using Alim or Imambargah as focal point ?


It may be a good idea to *kickstart the Education Initiative with a Mission & Vision Statement, set some Goals with timelines, give certain people the accountability to achieve the goals and let them perform under the umbrella



Islamic Objectives /Attitudes

While academic education emphasis is important it can never compromise on our faith and faith takes precedence in cases of risk to that.
We are doing all of this to refine our souls based on pristine Islam as taught by Ahlulbayt (as) .Hence any action /slant which is opposed to these teachings may not be acceptable ,however intelligent or logical it may appear.

One of the  most critical point for volunteers and Trust associates is to have empathy. High headedness to be avoided in all communications associated.The help and support which the Trust provides to needy is because they deserve it.The volunteers n trustees of these trusts are only a *facilitator* and not the *owner* of the money. And MUST be extremely sensitive to the people who are coming to them to seek help.

In our pursuit of providing Academic education we should not lose sight of the sayings of the infallible  that the real ignorant is the one ignorant of HIS Hence we consider attaching this criteria to aid

Existing community schools /Organisations

These also can be upgraded .Complete List with present condition n improvement possibility is required ( Anis ot help)

 supervised Schools www.alimaan.orgACT atleast owns & operates 5 schools n constructed 7 schools


Good progress n achievements of Jafari govandi  school (document?)

Students education supported by ACT which was 7000+ for basic education in 2015 & 150+ for higher/technical education in 2015

Comfort Aid International US

CAI works with AlImaan Can we get details of these schools and how they benefit community
CAI To Construct A New School At Halvana Sadaat, UP India
The school will cater for 1,000 poor children in two shifts, especially girls who do not get a formal education because of distance and poverty.  This will be CAI’s 31st school globally and 7th school in India, fitting in nicely with CAI’s priority towards educating the poor children, especially financially challenged girls, of our planet. The foundation stone will be laid in December 2016 for an opening slated for July 2018 insha’Alla

Lady Fatimah Trust UKalso has interests in India education & has very good marketing & phone app

ZCSS Zainabia Child sponsorship scheme by WF
WF Schools The schools built by ZCSS in Bihar are as follows:

1.Madrasa Islamia Khujwa, Khujwa 2.    Zainabiya Children Academy, Gopalpur  3.    Zainabiya Children Academy, Tumba

Gujarat schools by Marhoom Gulam bhai and also school chain of Uswa in pak can be models

KSI reaches 4000 students upto x std only in mumbai has forms used

Progressive Education and Welfare Trust (PEWT) Registration number : E 25513 (Mumbai)

Tauheed Muslemeen Trust Unity College & Schools LUCKNOW UP provides prizes to achievers

United English school run by Jawad Merchant Junner Maharashtra near Pune

Jaffery Welfare trust (unfortunately site not working)

Buildings from municipal schools may be available for community schools. we can check this & report on any proposal possible as max invt is saved

Sura e Fateha for all Marhomeen especially those who have been a source of inspiration for a lot of youth)